Is Donald Trump America’s Saviour?

Now that the inauguration is finally over and despite the pundits hyperbole whether or not he would be impeached or assassinated, Donald Trump is finally the President of the United States. But is the United States united?

His predecessor, Barak Hussain Obama, has left the country in disarray. Many, many people voted Obama in for a second term because they believed that he would make good on his promises. However, rather than passing laws that enabled social justice, equity and better racial harmony, the United States has seen the rise of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement born out of the seemingly consistent heavy handedness of the nation’s police. People react violently to Government injustice.

The United Kingdom experienced something similar in the 1980’s when the then Thatcher government passed a tax popularly known as the ‘Poll Tax’. The rising unpopularity of this tax led to riots and eventually a change in Prime Minister. This of course was all organised before the advent of social media and Facebook campaigns. This was a ground swell of people really angry at the injustice of how the tax was calculated. This demonstrated that when people care enough about injustice, they take action.


The Black Lives Matter is the same kind of social movement that is based on the sense that justice is not being apportioned and the Governmental system is systemically racist. President Donald Trump now has the hard job of reforming the Police system so that every life matters and that the Police don’t just instinctively go for their gun when someone fails to raise their hands. Issue Tasers to the Police. The UK Police do not carry firearms as standard operating procedure but they do have access to Tasers. Many lives in America could have been saved if the Police there did the same.

Of course this is just one issue in a list of many that President Donald Trump will have to deal with in his presidency. His inaugural speech demonstrated to the ‘social elite’ that he is a force for change and they will hate him for it. He now has a fight on many fronts. The social elite, the liberal media, the sore former Hillary Clinton supporters that still haven’t quite finished reeling from the sock of it all and the Governmental system that he is now in charge of to name a few.

Apparently President Trump signed several Executive Orders on his first day in office, as he said he would but has so far fallen short on the many promises that he said that he would do on his first day. This may be more about President Trump desiring to act upon several issues from the start of his presidency, rather than sign several hundred Executive Orders to ‘Make America Great Again’. As the old adage goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will America be great again in a day or even a year.

It takes time to build something great, there are no short cuts and the liberal media will hound him at every mistake, failure and miscalculation but let’s not forget so quickly that he’s just a man. President Donald Trump could do no better than to call upon the God of the Bible that he spoke of in his inaugural speech. Only with God’s help will President Donald Trump be able to execute the Executive Office of the President, only with God’s help will America truly become great again.

If history teaches us anything and the lessons learnt from the previous Presidency tells us anything, it is this: the more you abandon the inherent Godly laws and statutes interwoven in American policy and Government; the further away the Nation is from God’s Blessing and protection.

President Donald Trump is not America’s Saviour; Christ Jesus is and if the people would truly come ‘under God’ once more they will become ‘one Nation’ again; and a prosperous Nation at that. God Bless America.