Who Should We Vote For?

As we stand on the eve of the UK General Election you may be wondering who to vote for. To many of us they all seem just as bad as each other and have few redeeming features between them.

However if you are a Christian, your decision should be viewed through what the Bible has to say on the many social issues that confront our country. Politics is not a bystanders sport, you have to get involved and make your vote count; hopefully for the better of us all.

Whatever Political Party you may be wanting to vote for, and some of us have always voted for them, I’d urge you to consider reading the excellent Election Briefing paper made by The Christian Institute.

Some of the Party’s have made your decision easy of who to eliminate, based on the Biblical narrative.

Over and above this, please pray that God’s Will is done in all of this and the right party for ‘such a time as this’ is elected. God Bless you.